Limo Credit Solutions believes that financial constraints should not limit your ability to realise your dreams. For this reason, we tend not to dictate how big or small your loan should be. Starting from R250, your loans will grow as you do.
Our silver lining, or as we like to call them ‘Dream Status’ grows with each loan you pay back. With each status level comes an increased amount available for you to borrow. As an added bonus, with each new level, your available payback period can be extended.

Dream Status 1-3
  • Dream Status 1 – R250 for 30 days
  • Dream Status 2 – R500 for 30 days
  • Dream Status 3-  R1000 for 30 days
Dream Status 4-6
  • Dream Status 4 – R2000 for 30 days
  • Dream Status 5 – R3000 for 45 days
  • Dream Status 6- R5000 over 3 months


The ‘dream granters’ at Limo Credit solutions are always on hand for those small, quick loans that tend to sneak up on you when you least expect it.
Starting from R250 at a customised interest rate (time dependent), we offer small loans within 24 hours.
To start realising your dreams, make use of our quick calculator

Big Dreamers

Remember way back when you were still just a dreamer? Now that your dreams have grown and no doubt your Limo Credit Solutions ‘Dream Status is up a few levels, isn’t it time to focus on your big dreams? With loans ranging from R2000 upward, Big Dreamer Status puts you in the driver’s seat of your plans, without having the hassle of no cash-flow. We calculate interest rates depending on your loan term and there are no hidden conditions. If you are new to Limo and already have big dreams that are just within reach, we can discuss possible solutions.

how can we help you?

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